How to Contact a PA?

# Service Charges/Fees:
The Service Charges/Fees =
730 USD
One Year of Full Service & 24/7 Technical Support
The 730 USD details;
30 USD = Donation to UNICEF
100 USD = Legal Services Fees
300 USD = 24/7 Technical Support
160 USD = Administration Fees
140 USD = Tax (20% of the 700 USD after the Donation)

# Registration Steps for Employer/Family:
There are 2 steps must be done by the Employer/Family;

Step 1 => Filling the Request For Service Form & Payment
Step 2 => Sign up to
Then the Employer/Family should wait till the Direct Service Section and the Legal Service Section review the RFS Form and this step will take between one hour to 12 hours max.
4 Emails will be sent to the Employer/Family;
First Email: Confirmation of Payment
Second Email: Confirmation of Membership
Third Email: Agreement Terms and Conditions

Fourth Email: Final Invoice

# Selecting and Getting the contact details of a PA:
After completing the payment process and service activation steps the registered Employer/Family will have a full access to all profiles and will be allowed to send a direct job offer to the selected PA.

 Click Here  to see an Example of a PA Profile
Click Here  to see an Example of a PA (under 18) Profile
Click Here to see an Example of the JOF (Job Offer Form)

# Contact Forms: In there are 6 types of Forms
o  Quick Contact Form (QCF), it's located in Home Page
o  PA Registration Form (PARF), it's located in PA Registration
o  PA Special Registration Form (PASRF), it's located in Under18
o  PA  (-18) Parent Approval Form (PAF), it's located in Under18
o  Request For Service Form (RFSF), it's located in Contact a PA
o  Job Offer For (JOF), it's located in each PA Profile

# Service Duration (Membership Validity):

One Year
Renewal will not be done automatically unless the Employer/Family send a request for auto renewal to the DSS (Direct Service Section).

# Payment System:
Online by Credit/Debit Card and through PayPal System
It's a quick, easy and secure payment process.
Remark; No PayPal Account needed.

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