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by Matt Kepnes.

Paris is everything you imagine it to be – cultured, sophisticated, classy, romantic, beautiful, historic, and stylish. It is a destination written about more than any other; a place to fall in love and be in love.

I remember the first time I saw Paris. It was 2008 and I stepped out of the train onto the Champs-Élysées at night. There, before me, was the Arc de Triumph lit up in awe inspiring beauty, down my left was Paris’ most famous treelined streets. I could make the Louvre out in the distance. Around me were people coming in going. That energy. That glamour. It was infectious.

In that moment, I fell in love with Paris.

My name is Nomadic Matt and I’ve been traveling the world since 2005. I love the City of Lights so much, I return at least twice a year and lead tours to the city. I know the city extremely well and have the local friends to constantly show me what is hip and new.

Too many people dream of Paris but think it’s too expensive. Or they visit and blow their budget because they end up in the tourist areas, where everything is overpriced. But Paris is not expensive and can be easily done on any budget. I know. I’ve been there on as little as $20 a day and as much as $200 a day.

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