o Gender: Female

o Age: 25

o Country: Armenia

o Nationality: Armenian

o Height & Weight: 165cm, 50kg

o Education: Yes

   Bachelor's Degree

o Languages: Armenian, English, Russian

o Computer Skills: Yes
   - MS Office

o Home Care Assistance: Yes

   - Au pair
   - Pet Sitter

   - Swimming Instructor

o Office Assistance: Yes

   - Office Assistant

   - Sales Assistant
   - PR Assistant


o Private Assistance: Yes

   - Personal Trainer
   - Massage
   - Translator (Armenian/Russian to English)
   - Self Defence Trainer


o Experience: Yes

   - More than 1 Year/Office Assistance
   - More than 7 Years/Home Care Assistance
   - More than 3 Years/Private Assistance


o Criminal Records: No

o Health: Very Good

o Car Driving Licence: Yes

o Religion: Christian

o Political View: No

o Life Principle: Yes
  About Love


o Interested in working: Worldwide

o Work Location: Big Town,
  City, Big City


o Business Trips: Yes

o Vegetarian: No

o Smoking: No

o Alcohol: Social Drinker

o Tattoos: No

o Piercings: Yes

o Hobbies and Interests: Running,
   Swimming, Reading, Singing,

o Part Time or Full Time: Full Time

o Salary: Negotiable

o Salary Payment System: Cash/Monthly

o Availability/Starting Date: Ready
  (within 1 Month after signing a Contract)

o References: Available

Profile Video: Public

Female, Armenia, Armenian

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